Pirate Monkey Run

Help Jake and Jade, everyone's favorite Pirate Monkeys, collect Bananas and Coconuts. Race along the path grabbing valuable bananas while avoiding obstacles. Jump over flower pots and skulls. Roll under flower stands and boat stands. Avoid charging pigs and bouncing beach balls. Watch out for crate stacks, rocks, and more.

Find power-ups along the way. Grab a tasty pineapple for invincibility! A Banana Magnet attracts Bananas from any lane. Score multipliers increase your score quickly for a high score.

  • Go nuts with Missions to collect extra Coconuts.

  • Jake and Jade for the first time in 3D!

  • Use Bananas and Coconuts to unlock the Beach and Jungle areas.

  • Get a High Score in each area.

XBOX ConsoleAndroidiPhone/iPad