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Pirate Monkey™ Word Fun

Word puzzles are fun but Pirate Monkeys can't really do them. Solve word puzzles for Jake and Jade, the Pirate Monkeys. three to seven letters are displayed depending on the level of the puzzle. Find all the words that you can make with these letters.Learn More....

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Golden Royal™ Texas Hold'em

Ready to gamble Texas Style? Poker just the way you want it. All In (Unlimited) or Limited (with preset betting). Texas Hold'em poker with the Golden Royal™ touch. Get dealt a Golden Royal card in your hand, the flop, the turn, or the river and win the hand to receive a Golden Royal bonus as well as the win for the hand. Anything from a high card to a royal flush can win you a royal fortune against 9 other AI players.Learn More....

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Sir Pent's Adventures

SSSir Pent has many adventuresss for you to dissssscover and sssolve! Can you help him. He must cross the forest and the desert to get him to the tropical islands. Navigate him past enemies, through gates, and more. 75 trials await you as his guide. Sir Pent awaits your help.Learn More....

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SGN Sports™ Championship Bowling

Bowling is the most popular game in the US! Choose your ball from 10 options. Roll your ball down the lane attempting to knock down the ten pins. Strike! You did it!<br><br> Knock down more pins than your opponent to win the game.Learn More....

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Golden Royal™ Bingo!

B4 G46 O72, BINGO! The classic number calling, card marking game is here with A Golden Royal twist. Each player receives a card with 24 numbers and a free space in the center. Choose to play with standard Bingos, lines and corners or with a random shape. The first player that calls Bingo wins. Bingo is great with a group of friends or family. Up to four local players can compete. You must a controller for each player. Also great when alone as you compete against three computer players.Learn More....

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Golden Royal™ Roulette

Play the "the king of casino games," Roulette. Gamblers have been enjoying its charms for centuries. The game has its roots in Europe, and for years it was only available in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. Global gambling saw a major increase in the 1970s, however, and now roulette is a common sight in hundreds of casinos around the world and now your Xbox. All the betting options available for up to four local players. You may even reuse you last bet. Learn More....

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