Super Pirate Monkeys

Jake has learned there are great bananas everywhere on the dangerous Kapow Islands. Determined to get them, he enlists the help of his fellow Pirate Monkey, Jade. Jake grabs his sword and Jade her gun as they embark on their dangerous quest for bananas. While searching the islands, the monkeys will find mounts to help them out. They will also defend themselves from Kapow Monkeys, Flying Turtles, ghosts, flames, and other enemies. All while avoiding endless pits and other hazards. Help the Pirate Monkeys score high on the five islands of Kapow each featuring ten levels of action. Will Jake and Jade succeed in their quest for the world’s best bananas?

  • 50 Levels

  • Leaderboards

  • 3 Mounts

  • 6 Themes

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