Gunship Assault

You're piloting a gunship helicopter on a mission to destroy enemies targets and craft. Watch your radar and long range scanner. Identify targets to destroy to complete your mission. Scout out enemy convoys traversing the terrain. Be on the look out for enemy aircraft such as fighter jets, drones, and even enemy gunships. We are counting on you!

The action is fast and furious. Take charge as you're at the controls to complete these important missions.

** Note for Xbox: This game supports leaderboards for fastest completion time. You must complete all missions at a difficulty to post to the leaderboard. For example, complete all 10 Easy missions to post the total time to complete them to the Easy leaderboard.

  • Compete on Leaderboards at each difficulty level.

  • Complete 10 missions at three different difficulty levels

  • HD graphics option for Xbox Series S & X

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