Pirate Monkey™ Run! 2

Jake and Jade, your favorite pirate monkeys, are on the run again! Play as Jake or Jade. Race through the city collecting bananas and coconuts to unlock the farm land. Collect even more to unlock the old west while sprinting through the farm land.

Each scenario; city, farm, and old west; has its own leaderboard to compete on for best score.

Grab pineapples for extra lives. Collect letters to spell out the bonus word to score big. Other yummy fruit rewards you with points. Knock down enemies with a rolling spin for victory and more points. Avoid chickens down on the farm and tumbleweeds blowing through the old west.

Jake and Jade are your friends and only you can help them survive!

  • Leaderboards.

  • 3 different scenes to run

  • Collect Pineapples for extra tries

  • Collect Coconuts to unlock scenes

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