The Zombie Apocalypse is here! Enter the Zombiescape. Three different Areas are infected with Zombies. Each area has five missions for you to complete by eradicating all the Zombies. Each area has a final boss to deal with as well.

Explore each are to find weapons and ammunition to use. Select the best weapon for each situation you find yourself in. Be careful of poisonous breath the zombies may use on you. Remember that Zombies kill in groups so attempt to prevent them from ganging up on you. Beware Zombie dogs which are faster and can detect you better than humanoid Zombies.

Headshots are your friend. Zombies die faster when hit in the head. Each weapon has different strengths and weakness so try to use the best for the situation. Some weapons such as the F1 fire in bursts that are great for crowd control. When facing a single Zombie, choose a single shot weapon such as a revolver to save ammo. If you have no guns or are out of Ammo you fall back on your Nail-studded Baseball Bat or your hunting knife, both of which are always available to you.

Are you brave enough for the challenges of the Zombiescape?

  • 3 different areas

  • 15 Total Missions

  • Progress saved in the cloud

  • Leaderboards

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