Championship Pool

Rack 'em up! Play 8-ball or 9-ball pool. Play against the AI or second local player, you can even practice with no other player. Championship Pool offers real 3D physics.

In 8-ball, hit the white ball with your cue. Use it knock one of your balls into a pocket. Succeed and your turn continues. Fail and the other player get a turn. Play as stripes or solids. Your type is determined by the first ball to drop into a pocket. If you hit it in, then it's type is yours otherwise you are the opposite type. The black 8 ball must be dropped last. The player that drops it into a pocket wins.

In 9 ball you attempt to drop the balls in numerical order. The 9 ball, the only striped ball, must be dropped last. However drops it as the last ball wins no matter how many balls the players drop.

In both games set the power bar to full when breaking. It is considered a foul if at least four balls do not hit a wall. Otherwise adjust the strength by how hard you need to hit the ball. Hit too hard and the ball bounce out of the pocket or the white ball my follow the ball in ending your turn.

You can play two local players no matter how many controllers you own. Every controller works so you can use two controllers or just pass one controller back and forth.

You can become a Champion at Pool.

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